Join one of the largest crypto giveaways to date

$100k+ Giveaway
$100k+ Giveaway

More than $100,000 of prizes in BTC

1st wins 10 BTC
1st wins 10 BTC

10 BTC + 1M IDAX tokens for the winner

10,000+ Prizes
10,000+ Prizes

More than 10k prizes for the community

How do I enter?

  1. Sign up with a valid email address
  2. Once signed up, you will be directed to the waitlist page where you can view your position in the competition.
  3. In order to increase your rank, you need to acquire points. You can do this by following our social networks and referring friends with your unique referral link which can be found on the waitlist page and in your welcome email.


Add points to your personal score:

  • 3 points for every referral that signs up with your referral link
  • 1 point for every social media network you follow
  • 1 point for sharing our social media links


The top 10,000 people with the most points will share the following prizes:

  • 1st will receive 10 BTC and 1,000,000 IDAX
  • 2-10 will receive 1 BTC and 100,000 IDAX tokens each
  • 11-100 will receive 0.1 BTC and 10,000 IDAX tokens each
  • 101-7,000 will receive 1,000 IDAX tokens each
  • 7,001-10,000 will receive 100 IDAX tokens each

Contest Rules

Please read carefully the rules and terms for the contest:

  1. This is a competition to refer crypto traders, we are not aiming to bring in people who were invited just to sign up, yet not participate.
  2. The quality of the referrals will be evaluated in-depth, especially for the top 100. Referees must be “organic”, with the bulk of them being users genuinely interested in the product.
  3. It is forbidden to pay for referrals, via online ad networks or any 3rd party services.
  4. Emails and referrals must be verified, unique and coming from a single IP. No duplicate entries/IPs allowed.
  5. Contest is valid until the official launch of the platform. Estimated late Q1'19 (March'19).
  6. Once Interdax opens in beta, the prizes will be credited to your Interdax account.
  7. You’ll need to open trade(s) for BTC and/or IDAX to unlock withdrawal:
    - BTC: 25x volume of the bitcoin credited will need to be traded if you receive bitcoin.
    - IDAX: A single trade of 1x value of amount credited, will be required to unlock IDAX withdrawal. The trade will need to be performed in a non-IDAX pair. Eg: BTCUSD or ETHUSD Perpetuals.
  8. Users from countries forbidden from operating in our platform as per our ToS are not eligible to participate in the contest. Referrals from these countries won’t count as valid.
  9. Due to the high demand from some countries, we can’t accept more signups from the following countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nigeria. However users from this countries are free to join the platform once we launch. If you already have a referral link, people can still sign up, yet NOT from those countries.
  10. Anyone posting referral links in our social media profiles will be immediately disqualified.
  11. You must be over 18 years to participate.
  12. Anyone who breaks the rules, or tries to cheat the contest at any time, will be disqualified.

Notice: We reserve the right to update or change the contest rules at any time due to market events, potential fraud, or other relevant factors.

How can I view my rank?

Go to the***** link which can be found in your verification email.