Interdax (International Digital Assets Exchange) is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on derivatives, primarily perpetual swaps and futures. We allow up to 100x leverage and we aim to become the leading exchange of the crypto derivatives space in few months.
The launch of our testnet will be January 2019 (with testnet demo coins) and official launch soon after, also in Q1’19.
Interdax is built with the very same technologies that powers the world's leading exchanges. Our matching engine has been built in highly optimised C++ and can handle hundreds of thousands of transactions a second per single trading pair, which makes us one of the fastest exchanges both in crypto and traditional finance. We don't need load shedding so we are not prone to infamous ‘overload’ issues. In addition to our rock solid engineering, we’re bringing something new and exciting to the market: trading battles.
The team comes from both traditional finance and the early crypto ecosystem. Most team members were crypto trader aficionados working at well-known financial institutions from Wall Street and the City of London before joining forces to build Interdax. In aggregate the team has built and secured production trading systems trusted with managing trillions of dollars in the financial markets.
The Project started in August 2017. The core team was assembled in the following 3 months and we’ve been building since December 2017.
HQ in London with the initial trading platform offering launching from Seychelles.
Yes. Users from United States of America (among several other jurisdiction) will be prohibited from entering trades in our production platform. However, we are working on a compliant offering for the US market for late next year
Yes, Interdax had a 7-figure investment round from the founders.
We currently have over 30 people in the company with 20 being engineers.


We will initially launch with Perpetual Swaps with the plan to progressively introduce futures and spot in 2019.
We will launch with 3 perp swap products. BTC, ETH and XRP.
Up to 100x leverage.
Yes, we realise this has been a highly demanded feature for a long time by crypto traders. We will be the first derivatives exchange to offer this.

Trading Battles

Trading battles is essentially a trading competition where participants will battle it out trying to turn their trading stack into more than their opponents. Every battle will be on a-level playing field with participants all starting with the same balance, with a fixed time-window to try and trade their balance into the largest amount possible. Once the battle has ended, the participant with the highest balance wins.
The idea behind trading battles is to bring more fun and excitement to trading as a whole. Users can see how good of a trader they really are against their friends or peers. Participants can also wager IDAX in a battle, winner takes all.
Yes, users can create their own battle and define their own terms such as the initial trading stack, battle duration, number of participants and more.
All public battles will be listed on the battles page.

IDAX Token

IDAX is our utility token used internally on the platform for participating in features such as trading battles and reduced fees.

    Via Airdrop, participating in the launch campaign

    Upcoming crowdsale

    Spot market

We will be creating 1B IDAX. The token distribution model will be published in the upcoming Interdax bluepaper.
Contrary to your traditional crowdsale which raises money and promises a product a year later, we plan to do the opposite. The crowdsale will happen a few weeks after we launch testnet. We want the community to see for themselves that our product is the real deal and a step ahead to all competitors in the crypto space


We entered a partnership with BitGo and selected them as our trusted wallet provider. They have grown to become the industry standard for Wall Street firms and Hedge Funds and recently launched an innovative custody solution approved by USA regulators. We use hardware wallets for cold storage with 99.5% of the funds stored in geographically-distributed hardware security sodules (HSMs), only accesible behind biometric access. Operations with these multi-sig cold wallets require a quorum of 4-of-7 team members
You can expect top security for your account like 2FA, U2F/Yubikey, IP whitelisting, Device confirmation, Adaptive Security, etc. We use AWS Cognito as our identity provider so you can trust your account will be in good hands with your credentials safely stored and never exposed.
All our platform is in AWS, uses the "BeyondCorp" zero-trust security model championed by Google, and has been carefully architected with military-grade security mindset. The Interdax team is very security minded and has a world-class security team. We have team members coming from CLS Group or BAE Systems among other mission-critical companies.