Top Winners of the Referral Contest

After several days of in-depth scrutiny we can finally announce the top winners of the referral launch contest!

We’ve been checking the first 1000 entries thoroughly, and as stated in the rules, this final check was to make sure that the top participants referred potential users of our platform.

After removing fraudulent entries, duplicated IPs, and users who didn’t verify the email, the positions changed substantially. This is our top 20:

  1. crypto_overlord
  2. moneybank35i
  3. btcwhalex
  4. sir.rekt
  5. sasuke11gg
  6. iok.tamyda
  7. andriistudo
  8. cryptobala379
  9. sam.airdrops
  10. drp4ir
  11. maheshmittal551
  12. abhishekag7993
  13. aeutuschenko
  14. number.one2018
  15. ayhaneraybars
  16. vinodhack
  17. tankistpofigistcom
  18. indimjc1
  19. flash543
  20. seoul_17

Congratulations to the winners! In the coming days we’ll be contacting these lucky traders and the rest of our top 100 via email in order to credit the more than $100,000 in btc prizes.

As stated in our March 7th blog post, following our launch delay and changes in internal strategy, the prizes in our token won’t be granted. To compensate for this we will give back to the community after we launch, and are currently considering several options on how to achieve that.

We want to thank everyone who participated and we hope to see you soon in our upcoming trading competitions, this time with the platform already launched!