Referral Contest Concluding on Friday

As you know we’ve had to postpone the testnet launch due to the QA stage taking more time than expected. Because of this delay, and as we can’t keep it running indefinitely, the contest will come to its conclusion this Friday, 8th of March at 23:59 GMT. During the next week we will publish the top 100 winners here in our blog and telegram, as well as instructions about how to get the prizes.

We will fully credit the BTC prizes, the most valuable ones. Yet regrettably, following our launch delay and changes in internal strategy, after a careful analysis we have decided that the prizes in our token won’t be granted. To compensate for this we will give back to the community after we launch, and are currently considering several options on how to achieve that.

The prizes will be credited immediately, without waiting for the launch of our platform, signing up or trading, which was the initial condition. We will send the BTC directly to your wallets in order to speed up the process.

We expect the ranking to change considerably once we remove fraudulent entries and low quality referrals. Hence the top 1000 positions should expect big changes since we are going to review in depth all of them in order to ensure the quality of the referrals.

Please note that in the contest rules we stipulated this is a competition to refer crypto traders, and we also reserved the right to change the terms in case of unforeseen issues. The launch delay has certainly impacted our strategy and planning, including the contest, so please bear with us. We are extremely sorry and apologise for any inconvenience we might have caused.

Thanks for your understanding and help. We will continue working diligently to give you the trading platform the space deserves as soon as possible.