Coming out of Stealth

After a year and half working under the radar, 2 weeks ago we finally decided to reveal our project. Interdax is a crypto derivatives exchange focused on performance and built with a crypto trader mindset. We are building the exchange our community have dreamt of for years, mainly because we’ve also been crypto traders ourselves since the early days.

The past months have been a gigantic exercise of engineering, architecture and design. We started planning around September’17 and the founding engineers wrote the first lines of code during mid December ’17, exactly a year ago. So 2018 has been all about building non-stop.

A lot of teams would start with an ICO but we decided against it because 1) we wanted to keep a low profile and have zero pressure building, 2) we already had the funding to seed the project 3) too many people have gotten funding without delivering. So we decided we would do it the other way around: first build the product and show that we have skin in the game, and then give the community the chance to be part of the project only if they like the final product.

As anyone would expect, building a proper exchange from the ground up is a very challenging endeavour. Thankfully, our team has the exact skills required to make it possible. In the next post we will elaborate on this and how our world class engineers are going to take the crypto ecosystem to the next level. We are effectively the first crypto exchange built by engineers with experience from the world’s top financial exchanges. Proprietary tech, no licensing or white labelling involved.

It’s great to finally open the curtains to let you see what are we working on. We are super excited to enter the final stage before our testnet launch. Our goal from now is to reach stability internally, and start building a solid community of traders in parallel (we have launched a referral contest to help with this, the bases are here).

Interesting months ahead… stay tuned!